9 Surprising Healthy Lifestyle Hacks
you can implement right now!
About Dee Verrall
Dee Verrall is 47 years of age, a mum and healthy lifestyle strategist. She is a qualified personal trainer and accredited Strength for Life trainer. She has certifications in nutritional psychology and performance nutrition. Dee has been trained by some of Australia’s top fitness coaches and trainers and competed in a fitness competition.

Dee started her journey to wellness 6 years ago at the age of 42. She was fed up with years of health issues brought on by stressful life events, low self esteem and treating her body
like a garbage can.

 Realising along the way she had been given a gift and talent for coaching others, Dee helps clients prioritize their health with an easy-to-follow nutrition blueprint. Dee provides the holistic support her clients need to revitalize their body and energize their life without going on crazy exercise programs or making impossible diet changes...
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One of the biggest challenges people face in their health journey is going it alone. Not everyone understands the fitness and health lifestyle and it can be challenging getting the balance right.  

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