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My story of going from miserable, sick and overweight to happy, healthy and loving life!

Thank-you for being here.

I wanted to share a little about my story.  I grew up in suburban Adelaide, Australia with my Parents and I was the middle child of 2 sisters.  My Dad worked in a bank and Mum worked in a plant nursery.  We had a typical 60s house on a quarter acre block with a massive willow tree in our backyard, which was a kind of icon in our neighborhood. We had a cranky poodle called Tricia, a crazy galah called Cocky, three guinea pigs, budgies and lizards.
I had an active childhood with no weight issues. I remember running under the sprinkler in summer, climbing trees, riding my bike until the sun set, eating home made ice blocks, going over to the 'deli' around the corner and buying mixed lollies and ice creams in summer. I also loved ballet, played netball and tennis.

As a young adult I was studying uni part time and working full time in the public service. I met my husband to be at the age of 23 in Melbourne.
I bought a house and had my son a few years later at the age of 28. I suffered post natal depression, one of several bouts of depression in my life. I divorced my husband three years later in 2001 and I hit rock bottom financially.

After experiencing a nasty stalker incident, I sold my house in 2007, left my job and moved to the country. I ran an admin business from home online.
I became involved in a controlling and abusive relationship. After two years, I left the relationship and moved back to Adelaide. I also survived a potentially life threatening illness.

Post the age of 40, life really began for me.
I returned to work in the public service after resettling in Adelaide.
I had a legacy of debt from investing in my business, trying to keep up with the lifestyle of my abusive ex-partner and living beyond my means.
I had weight issues due to emotional eating, illness and stress.

I began my health journey at the age of 41 after years of abusing my body with food and having lost connection with who I was as a person.
I lost 15kgs by myself initially.
I engaged a coach and trained for and entered a fitness comp while working full time, studying university part time, being a single parent and running my online business part time.

Weight and health issues resurfaced after my comp as I realised the restrictive lifestyle was not sustainable and I had to again start from scratch.

After working with some amazing health coaches over the years, one in particular taught me about a powerful system that changed my health and my life. From 2015, I began to transform my health again. I have healed my body, reconnected with my life and even reversed the ageing process!

Many people over the years asked me to help them get healthy and strong. By becoming certified as a PT in 2016 and continuing my nutritional education, I was able to serve more people.

It is my honour and privilege to help you achieve what I have achieved. It is truly a life changing process and one that I wish for you to experience if you are serious about reclaiming your life and becoming a stronger, healthier you.


Dee Verrall
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